Be Our Guest. Thanksgiving Style.

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great week! If you didn’t, you can relax now because it’s the weekend!

I know yesterday I recapped my Halloween costume, and mentioned how the holidays are fast approaching…. well it got me thinking. Thanksgiving is only 12 DAYS AWAY! Isn’t that crazy? It’s early this year, and now I have to start organizing my Thanksgiving day menu earlier than I thought ( we host family every year).

But, what if you are a guest to Thanksgiving dinner? What do you bring, if anything? Now, I know with us, mom always makes and brings the stuffing, because she makes REALLY good homemade stuffing. However, sometimes you find yourself going to a friends house or your partners family & it can be hard to decide on what to make/buy. Plus, we all want to impress people! So, the next thing you know you’re trying to make something extravagant while crying & …. well it’s probably not that good in the end.

Because of this I decided to share with you my top three appetizers and desserts that I have made before and were hits at Thanksgiving gatherings. Not only are they super easy, to help relieve the stress for you I linked everything below! You can also find them on my Pinterest page under “When I learn to cook”.

( Side note, I don’t really cook often. I just don’t like it to be honest so this is a rare post & I promise these are all easy to make!)

Let’s start with the appetizers!

Now for the desserts!

I hope this helps you decide! If you have a favorite recipe I’d love to hear!



Halloween Vibes

Hey everyone!

Can you believe that it’s already November?! I don’t know about you, but I’m already starting to feel the pressure. Getting the house ready, food menus, and of course hanging with FAMILY. πŸ™‚ I know too much, right?

Don’t worry we have some time still. For right now, lets grab ourselves a drink and enjoy each other’s company. πŸ™‚

So Halloween was not that long ago, and I wanted to jump on here real quick and share my DIY Costume I did this year! I always dress up, which could be because I bartender for seven years, and well… you dress up in a bar! ( Tips, ya know)

Anyway, now I work in an office, so my costume choices have changed to say the least, but I still enjoy it. So this year I decided to be Mary Poppins!

I went with the bag instead of the umbrella.

I did eventually decorate my hat, which I think made a big difference!

It was super cute and fun to do! I also posted some fun boomerangs and video’s on my Instagram! ( So if you missed it, make sure to go FOLLOW me on there!)

I bought all the pieces separately, which I am going to link below for you! The shoes I already had, which are from DSW!

Top – @HM

Skirt – @AMAZON


Bow tie – @AMAZON

Going Somewhere? I’ve got 5 Travel Tips For you.

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

My week has been busy but I am off to Denver on Saturday for a little mini vacation and I couldn’t be more excited! This will be my second trip of the year (took mom to Vegas for her 60th in June) but I was feeling a little unprepared this time around. Has that ever happened to you? You know you should start doing stuff but get sidetrack with work, Netflix, and naps ( just me… oh ok).

Anyway, I figured I can’t be the only one who needs help when it comes to traveling so I pulled myself out of my Netflix binge (FYI: The Haunting of Hill House = SO GOOD) and wrote down my 5 Travel Tips just for you!

1. Research Your Destination

I know this may seem like a no brainer, HOWEVER I think most people miss the different things there are to do around the city/country they’ll be visiting. Of course you have a general idea, but I personally like to visit places local’s go, not just tourist stuff, which is usually what the travel websites will post about.

You have to dig a little deeper. I tend to look on Instagram and search certain hashtags to view different restaurants and bars that look good. Usually, they will post their drinks and food, but you can also see other people’s pictures who check in and post about it! Gives you a better idea of the vibes. Of course asking friends/family who have been works too!

2. Visit Your Airlines Website

Ok, again you may be thinking ” who doesn’t do this”, but you would be surprised. I have witnessed people at the airport in shock because they have to pay for their carry on bag that they thought was included. The worst. Make sure to visit the website of whatever airline/ transportation you plan to take. Check to see how many bags you can check/ carry on, and what is allowed in your bags (size, weight, etc.).

3. Plan Your Outfits Ahead Of Time

Ladies, I know how we can be, especially when it comes to what we wear. My biggest piece of advice would be to plan out what you want to wear BEFORE you pack it. Try on the clothes so you get a good idea of how you look and feel in it even if you’ve worn it before.

I also tend to pack shoes that will go with more than one outfit. You don’t have a lot of room in your suitcase so you want to make sure your getting the most out of what you pack. Think black or neutral colors, they go with everything!

P.s – Make sure to check what the weather will be while there!

4. Start Packing Early

The worst thing you could do is wait until the last minute to pack your bags. More than likely you will forget something you REALLY needed! I generally start to pack 3 days before I leave. This gives me time to run to the store if needed, and make sure all my clothes are washed and accounted for.

5. Order The Drink!

Yes, yes, and more yes. When you get to the airport, or if you wait until your on the plane ORDER A DRINK! You are on vacation now and trust me you deserve it! If you forgot anything, you can always buy it ( that’s what credit cards are for, right?!) and if you are afraid of flying it will calm your nerves. πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to share our time in Denver with you & if you have any advice, or tips of your own I’d love to hear!



3 Ideas For A Perfect Date Night At Home.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

We are almost through the work week, so don’t worry you can do it!

If you are anything like me than Wednesday is usually the day you start to ask “what am I going to do this weekend?” & if you are anything like me you start to realize with the holidays coming up, bills, vacations, etc. you really shouldn’t DO anything this weekend.

Now, this can be a bummer. I enjoy going out even if its for a couple drinks. However, I realize that this can add up as far as how much spending is really taking place (especially if you go out every weekend) so I started thinking of ways to not blow the budget, yet still have a good time at home and I came up with these three ideas for a date night in.

So lets begin….

1. A Movie Night

Everyone right now is watching scary movies since Halloween is right around the corner, so why not have a “Horror Movie Night.” Grab the popcorn, snow caps & a cuddle buddy ( mine is the dog) and BAM!

If scary movies aren’t your thing, you could always watch a comedy or action movie. Whatever you prefer jazz it up! For example, turn your living room into a tent, make pajamas mandatory and just have fun!

2. Fancy Dinner For Two

Who says you have to go out to eat good food or dress up for that matter? Ladies, get yourself in shower, put on your favorite black dress and heels. Gentlemen, style your hair, put on some cologne and meet each other in the dinning room ( or wherever you eat in the house).

Now, if you can’t decided on who will be the cook, order out from your favorite restaurant. Enjoy each other’s company and take the time to catch up.

3. Retro Game Night

Ah, yes! This may be my favorite idea out of them all. I’m pretty sure all of us who grew up in the 90’s played a lot of video games! ( Mario Kart was my jam!) Some of us still do, judgment free blog here & what better way to get a little competitive with your partner than to challenge them virtually.

Here’s an example; my partner and I ordered pizza, downloaded Mortal Kombat on the Xbox & stayed up until one in the morning battling each other. ( He was secretly mad because I kept winning)

These are just some of my favorite at home date night ideas, but there are a lot more out there to choose from! What I love is that any of these ideas can be tweaked to fit different personalities or style.

Have fun, get creative and enjoy!


– Let me know what you and your partner do, I’d love to share and get new ideas!



Traverse City Weekend Vibes

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend & I know this post is a little late in the evening, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Any way, I wanted to share with you my weekend in Traverse City. It is probably my favorite place to go here in Michigan. So much so that I get territorial when I see other people there, like it’s solely for me ( I know irrational). So, I thought about it and since it’s not just mine ( insert sad face) I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite spots for others to enjoy!

We started the day with some friends at Right Brain Brewery. I had never been there before, probably due to the fact I am not a big beer drinker. However, recently I have found a love for stouts. I decided my first drink of the day would be their Imperial CEO Stout ( 9.6% …. starting the day off right I know) with some chips & salsa of course!

The inside is pretty cool as well. Lots of random decor that doesn’t really make sense but somehow goes together, and a salon attached. That’s right, you can get a little buzz and your hair done all in one spot!

On to the next! Our second stop was Suttons Bay Ciders. My partner and I stumbled upon this place by accident on day, but ever since it has become our favorite place to go when visiting the Traverse City area. The view is amazing, and the cider & staff are great as well. Our friends who met up with us had never been before, so I was excited to show them! We were lucky enough that the rain stopped just in time to check out the view ( the wind on the other hand was in full swing).

Our final stop of the day was Hop Lot Brewery. It’s not far from Sutton’s Bay so the drive isn’t bad. The vibe is pretty rustic with more outdoor seating than indoor. Also, if you find yourself still wanting cider from the second stop, its covered! Since it was pretty cold and windy the outdoor fire pits were perfect to sit and have a drink by. We even made some new friends!

I hope you enjoyed viewing a little piece of my weekend. If you ever find yourself in the Traverse City area I hope you check out these places for yourself! If you have a favorite spot you’d like to share I would love to hear!



5 Essentials For A Saturday Night At Home.

Hey Ya’ll! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, and getting ready for some Halloween fun in a couple weeks. With the weather getting colder it’s the perfect time to start carving those pumpkins, and decorating the house for trick or treaters!

Speaking of colder weather, I am starting to notice that my will to go out on the weekend is slowly fading away. I used to think it was because I was getting older and lame ( don’t comment on that… ) but honestly, I just want to be warm & lazy sometimes… most times.

HOWEVER, according to my partner I do like to go out & I have a hard time just sitting at home. He may have a point ( key word MAY) but I think with social media it just makes me feel lamer than normal when I’m at home watching everyone else post their crazy night.

So, I thought about it and really it all comes down to having a general plan or idea of how to spend my night in. If you are anything like me you can’t just sit at home trying to decide what to do? Trust me, I KNOW. I have spent many Saturday nights at home upset because I literally had NOTHING to do. So, I decided to come up with my five essentials to create a fun, stress free, night at home.

1. Food & Drinks

This is probably the most important (to me at least). In order to stay in on the weekend you need to have snacks & drinks! It’s always a bummer when you don’t want to go out & then you realize you have nothing in the house. THE WORST! So I always make sure I have my favorite comfort foods and beverages ready to go before I am in for the night. I mean… there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a wine buzz. (Not like you’re driving πŸ™‚ )

P.S: There is always delivery.

2. Candles

Let’s be real, all us girls have a thing for candles. Not only do they smell amazing, but they create a calming & relaxing environment. Plus, if you do have a significant other they help create a more specific mood as well…. ( Wink Wink). We’re all adults here.

3. Blankets & PJ’S

Alright, we ate, we have our wine, candles burning, now we need to wrap ourselves up in the perfect blanket! (Can you visualize it yet?) The whole point of staying home is because we want to be cozy & lazy, right? I also find myself getting into the cutest pajamas I can find. I may be at home, but I still want to look good!

4. Entertainment

Probably the second most important essential is your entertainment for the evening. Sometimes I turn on my favorite music playlist to vibe out to, or I log into my Netflix account. Whatever you prefer make sure you have a general idea before hand. We all know you can scroll through Netflix for an hour before you get frustrated and turn it off. & since it is October, the horror section might be a good place to start.

5. Stay Off Social Media!

Don’t even think about it! Disconnect from the virtual world & enjoy your night. Take this time to get back to center. I’m not saying everything on social media is negative but there is a lot, and sometimes we just need to give our brain a break. For me it helps with my creative side because there are no distractions or influences.

That’s it folks! My five essentials. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have any other must haves that you love I would love to hear it! Have a good Weekend!



Never Gonna Give You Up…

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and are enjoying this rainy, cold day (if you’re here in Michigan).

So, I know I hinted a little bit ago that I was trying new things/ changing up some stuff, and let me just say… change is hard! Lol. So I figured today I would start with telling you all about my “I’m not going to drink coffee anymore” idea.

Let me start by saying I decided to do this cold turkey. I was at work one day and while I was drinking my coffee I noticed it didn’t taste as good. I wasn’t enjoying it like I use to and I started to wonder if I just did it out of habit at this point? So, I took a little poll on instagram to see if I would be crazy (or smart) if I gave coffee up.

To my surprise 60/40% were for giving it up! Caffeine is a hard habit to break and let’s be honest, it’s not good for you. BUT, I want to be clear, I was trying to break my COFFEE addiction not necessarily the CAFFEINE part. I say that because I started drinking tea, which can have caffeine in it, but is generally a healthier alternative. (I’m sure some could debate this but that’s another story.)

So, I told myself I would go two weeks with no coffee, and I started to write down how I was feeling each day, and the results….

September 15th, Day 1: “Feeling good and motivate!

September 17th, Day 3: (& a Monday morning) “I feel tired today & off.”

September 19th, Day 5: “Woke up dizzy, got sick at work, went home & slept.” (Side note: I’m still not sure if this was due to my body not liking the fact I wasn’t giving it as much caffeine as it was use to or if my co-worker got me sick?)

It just so happened my girlfriend checked up on me this day as well. Thanks Hannah!

September 21st, Day 7: “I made it a week!”

That’s right, I made it a week & then I went up north for the weekend…..

Woke up that Saturday morning & it was the first day of Fall, I had a sweater on & was surrounded by trees…. I think we can all agree I HAD to drink my coffee while sitting outside.

I know I didn’t make it to my goal of two weeks, however I wanted to share my week of success incase you or someone you know is potentially struggling with their own goals. Don’t get discouraged by set backs or slip ups. They are bound to happen and when they do focus on the little victories that you do have. I could have been hard on myself, but instead I look at it like this; I went from drinking coffee everyday to going a week without it. Plus, now I know it’s something that I CAN live without. That’s a win in my book.

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment, and if you are doing something similar I’d love to hear about it! (Also, if you read the title of this post and sang “Never gonna let you down” in your head we can be BFF’S πŸ™‚ )