Galentine Blogger Brunch

Hey everyone!! I know it’s been a minute but I’m back and I wanted to share with you an event I went to recently in Detroit. As we all know Valentine’s Day was a couple days ago, which if fun to celebrate with your significant other BUT what about your girls?

Now, I’ll be honest this was my first blogger event and my first Galentine celebration, but I loved it! Sometimes in this business you can feel really alone. Even though you connect to people online, you’re really by yourself 99% of the time talking to a screen. So I knew I needed to go and meet all these women that I see everyday on Instagram. I was nervous & out of my comfort zone, HOWEVER, if you never push yourself to do things you normally wouldn’t, you will never grow and make amazing connections.! Not only for your business, but in real friendships.

In the blogger world most are super supportive of one another & want to see you succeed. Don’t get me wrong there will be some who are only for themselves, but I promise you they won’t last long or have as much fun. If you are a blogger I highly recommend getting out there and meeting other women with the same goals and drive as you! It was inspiring and so much fun!

Tiffany (@tiffany_tocco) was our host of the event, she did such an amazing job! No detail was left out, from the decor to the desserts. Also at the event were local vendors who donated cute jewelry, photography, and discounted services. I took some photos, but the photographer at our event was so good I had to share some shots she took! You can find her on Instagram at @jakyjaninephoto. You know I am always short and sweet. I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope this helped inspire you to do something you’ve been wanting, but were nervous about. YOU GOT IT!



AHS 1984: Did It Really End Like That?

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, traveling and getting side tracked over here! Anyway, lets talk about it! I don’t really know how I’m feeling right now. Last week I said “is 1984 turning in to murder house?” Well – it’s looking that way.

We not only saw Margaret commit more murders, but Montana FINALLY let her true feelings out by attacking Brooke. Of course Brooke was “shocked” again as to why anyone would want to try and kill her ( I’m telling you there is more to her) BUT it seemed as though she had no problem stabbing Montana multiple times!

Also, I kind of feel bad for Ray now. I know, I know, I said he was an awful person, but the poor dude didn’t know he was dead. He also seems to be the only one at the end of the episode to show some compassion towards others & not want to kill them. I guess time will tell with him.

In all honesty I was disappointed with the episode. I wanted Margaret to get hers, and yet again she got away ( for now I hope). Also, we now have a bunch of ghost running around camp – two murders heading back to LA, and Brooke off to jail taking the fall for ALL murders. I wanted to not be right and be a little shocked, anyone else feel that way?

Needless to say, I am going to watch tonight’s episode! -LOL. AHS also has twists and turns so I’m hoping they prove me wrong on some of my predictions!

I always love hearing your thoughts as well! Don’t forget to comment below!

Always –


AHS: Episode 4 – Turning into Murder House?

Hey everyone & welcome back!! It’s Sunday again and I can’t wait to dive into AHS episode 4!! We learned A LOT ( some we already had suspicions of) but it did leave us with a few more questions.

First up – I knew this Night Stalker was Montana’s crazy lover!! We also learned Montana’s brother is the one who spent the night at Brooke’s the night before her wedding! – Connected the dots! However, there is something odd going on here with the Night Stalker. He went up against Mr. Jingles and lost, but then we see him coming back to life! Did Satan resurrect him? Will this season turn into another murder house where everyone dies but not?!

Speaking of people dying and becoming ghost – Where is Jonas? The last time we saw him was with Margaret ( who by the way is the REAL KILLER in 1970!!) and then nothing. I’m curious as to when or what moment he will pop up again.

– Next, lets talk about fake Rita! She is probably the craziest person at the camp. I can see why Margaret snapped, getting picked on & made fun of – all good reasons. But fake Rita…. is she even a student/phycologist?! I’m starting to think she is just obsessed with serial killers. Wait until she figures out it was Margaret all along!

Last but certainly not least, Mr. Jingles. I felt so bad watching him learn that he wasn’t a crazy person! The poor dude. He was made to believe he killed all those kids, to the point where he ACTUALLY murdered people!! I hope he doesn’t get too soft on us. I have a feeling he will play a huge part in saving the current kids and I don’t want to see him not act because of past guilt.

-I’m thinking this weeks episode is going to be even crazier so get your popcorn ready!

As always shoot me a comment if you have any theories yourself and want to chat!



The Perfect Fall Gift Under $25!!

Hey babes, I hope you are all having a fantastic day!! I just wanted to pop on here and share with you some of my recent Target finds that are perfect for fall! Not only are they perfect for fall, put together they would make the cutest housewarming or birthday gift! All under $25 dollars! – A STEAL!

Now, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to create a cute, memorable gift for someone. ( I only spent $14 dollars total this trip) Sometimes, we just need some ideas or examples ( I know I’ve been there) in order to get our creative flow going! I am going to link everything below. If I can’t find the exact match, I will link similar items for you!

I already had a basket at home so I didn’t have to purchase one. Obviously, if you have to buy one it will put you around $30 dollars, which still is a deal! If you want to spend even less, look in the dollar section at Target like I did! Also, right now at Target if you spend $30 on Halloween stuff you save $5!! Below is what my basket looked like ( I already had the bag of coffee FYI).

Items are linked below! I can’t wait for you to get your Fall On! Always: Tara

Hand Towels – $6 dollars

Coffee Mug – $5 dollars

Pumpkin Candle – $5 dollars

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Coffee – $8

AHS 1984 – What did we just witness?!

Let me just start off by saying this episode was packed with twists & turns! I loved it! First, we were shown Brooke’s white wedding nightmare. In the first episode when she’s at her apartment ( before the night stalker shows up) we see her glance at a ring in her jewelry box. Now, my first impression was that either she was left at the alter or lost her fiancé tragically, BUT I did not expect a murder suicide!!

However, Brooke’s controlling, obviously crazy ex fiancé tells me she didn’t have a back bone, or voice. Has that changed? I’m not sure yet. It does seem that way, but it will be interesting to see how her character develops with Mr. Jingles and the night stalker wondering around camp. Also, why did she think that was a good time to tell Montana about her past?

Now, lets move on to Margaret. We all know I think she’s the killer or “A” killer ( Might be more than one, not sure) but this lady was really odd this episode! She’s aware that Mr. Jingles has escaped & yet she shuts the power off to the camp?! Don’t get me started on her casual conversation with the Night Stalker. Plus: I’m pretty sure our mystery kid on the roadside said something this episode that you may have missed! Keep reading!

Remember last week when I suspected the kid they accidentally hit on the road might have been a kid that went to the camp, and then potentially may have encountered Margaret and tried leaving? …. Well I was kinda right! -LOL. We learn his name is Jonas, and is totally a ghost! I have to admit, I was a little confused when I saw him jump out in-front of the night stalker, but he said some telling things. First, he said they weren’t supposed to be there, & then he said ” I don’t die here.” WHAT?! Has he just been reliving the same moment for years now? The most telling for me, however, was when he met Margaret & said he saw HER back in 1970 during the massacres! (Did she kill everyone because they were sinners?!) The plot thickens.

The most interesting back story to me that we learned was with Xavier. In the first episode he receives a call that he was obviously upset about. Since we didn’t know anything about him really, as to who was calling him was a mystery. But boy did we learn! Xavier, who is trying to be a real actor has a past in porn, gay porn to be exact & a creepy man we learn is Blake wants him back in his films. ( Plot Twist: Xavier states he’s not gay)

In order to get Blake off his back, Xavier takes him to the camp showers to see a potential “replacement” for him, and less than minutes later SOMEONE kills Blake! Why is this interesting you ask? Well, up until now we’ve witnessed every murder & the killer. This is the only death so far that hasn’t showed us who the killer is. Why?Why tell us about Xavier’s past if you’ve already killed off the only person who knew about it?

Last, but certainly not least let’s talk about our camp nurse. Nurse Rita encountered Mr. Jingles and LIVED! This is highly suspicious to me. Everyone he has come in contact with so far has died, yet Rita escapes almost unscathed? I don’t know about you but I have questions – LOL. Guess we’ll just have to wait until Wednesday!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and maybe it got you thinking too! I’d love to hear your ideas as well, comment below!



Our Easter Weekend

– I can’t remember the last time we got together with our family for Easter. It gets so busy with everyone’s schedule that we really don’t mine -LOL. Maybe one day we will either host/ go somewhere for a visit, but until then we are perfectly fine getting away just the two of us. ( & dogs)

Naturally, we went to our favorite place, or my favorite place, Traverse City! Yes, we go there a lot and no we probably will never get sick of it. We decided to go on Saturday which was great because we had awesome weather!

Our first stop was Hop Lot for some drinks & nachos! I swear, their nachos are the best! I’ve posted some photos before of the vibe, and for some reason this time I only managed to take one photo. Oh well, there always next time. 😉


Of course, Suttons Bay Ciders was on the list as well. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend you stop in. They have the best view. The cider is good too, but this view on a nice day….. come on.

I will say we spent most of the time in the car on Sunday. – Lol. I didn’t realize that I forgot my purse until we had already been driving for 45 mins. -Oops. Oh well, we made it through.

Side note: We ordered Chinese food for dinner on the way home and when I went in to pick it up the lady felt bad we didn’t have a party to be at. -LOL.

Thanks for hanging out guys!

Always- Tara XOXO

Friday Vibes

-If you’re anything like me you want to look cute, but be comfortable. Especially on the weekends! For the most part we’re pretty laid back when it comes to what we do. Hiking, drinking, and casual nights in with friends is our vibe. However, sometimes you want to look and feel good while doing it!!

-I have TWO looks that I am sharing with you today that I would wear for those weekend nights out!! Of course, you all know I love my black-LOL.

First up is this jumpsuit from Amazon!! That’s right, and only $20 dollars & comes in more colors! I’ll link it here.

I’m pretty short, so it’s a little long. I ordered a medium due to chest size, however I think a small would have worked, especially for a shorter length. Nothing the dryer probably couldn’t fix!

Next up is a romper from Express! Now, its from last season so it’s no longer on their website, BUT I’ll link a similar one in shape & style here. Currently on SALE TOO!!

-You could change both looks up depending on what you wanted. Create a more casual look with each by adding flats/sandals. Or dress it up with some heels and cute accessories!! I love jackets, so that’s usually my go to.

-Always, Tara XOXO

Get To Know Me!



Hi! I’m Tara! I wanted to jump on here and properly introduce myself. I’ve noticed so many new faces, and a lot of you have been asking questions to get to know me better (which I love! ) so I figured I’d spill some details about myself to answer everyone’s questions. -Which to be honest, talking about myself feels kind of weird, haha.

I like sharing information about products, places, etc. & determining how much of my personal life to keep to myself or share is a new balancing experience for me. 🙂 So as I answer all your questions I’ll be an open book & I hope you enjoy!

Always, – Tara

About Yours Truly

How old are you? I’m 32

Do you have any siblings? Yes! I have an older sister. Where are all my youngest siblings at?!! -Lol. We are 8 1/2 years apart BUT you honestly wouldn’t know it! We have always been really close.

What other hobbies besides blogging do you have? Singing really loudly with headphones in! -Haha. I love music & it doesn’t matter what you put on, I will sing along. Growing up I was the one my friends would always go to for information like “what’s the name of this song?’ or “who is this singing”. To be honest, I’m kind of slipping now that I’m older, but that’s what Google is for, right?!  I also took vocal lessons as a teenager & into adulthood, so needless to say my fiancé gets front row seats when I clean the house!

What’s your real job? Currently I work in sales. To be more specific, I work in the insurance world. How I got into it, I really don’t know- Lol. I went to school first for broadcast/radio and went back for my bachelors in public relations. I’m still new to the sales gig, only been doing it for a year. Before that I bartended for 7 years!

How did you meet your fiancé & how long have you been together? – I met Ryan through mutual friends. His best friend is married to one of my besties that I used to bartend with. The first time we met in person was at a friends house for a scary movie night! ( I know, right?) It was awkward because we knew everyone was trying to hook us up, but it worked out! -Haha. We’ve been together for 5 years now and will be married this September!

You still haven’t shared your wedding location, where will it be? – Hmm. I think I still want  to keep it a secret! Even though I have given many hints on my insta stories! You’ll just have to keep your eyes out!

How long have you been blogging? What made you want to do it? – I have been blogging for 7 months now. It’s exciting and challenging! If you’ve been following me for awhile now, I’m sorry! You are seeing all the good with the bad, but hey that’s how we learn and grow!

I actually used to have my own website years ago for music/radio purposes. I knew I always wanted to be creative and share things with people, I just didn’t know where to start. So one day after thinking about creating my blog, I just did it!

How many dogs do you have? I have two! Henry is our 3 year old lab, and Beamer is our 9 year old corgi! If I could I would get another one!

Have you always lived in Michigan? Yes. I always said when I was younger I was moving out of state, but I think I like it here now, -lol.

Do you have any kids? No I do not. Might do a post on this topic.

Any tips for someone wanting to start a blog? I am still learning myself, but I will say you have to be YOURSELF! Don’t try and do what everyone else is doing, certain things don’t work for everyone. You also have to be a little patience. You won’t instantly get thousands of followers, likes, or comments. If you do great! but it always surprises me when people want instant gratification. Just keep working hard and you will reach your goals! Be positive!












Hikes & Drinks

One of my favorite things to do is go on little hiking adventures with our friends. -Mostly for what comes after….food & drinks! I mean listen, we like to get our fitness on, but we also like to enjoy our lives. -Lol & since I am clearly missing warmer weather here in Michigan, I decided to recap a little trip my fiancé and I took last Labor Day weekend.

Our first stop was Hartwick Pines State Park. According to, Hartwick Pines is one of the largest state parks in the lower peninsula. My favorite part of the park, however, is the little chapel. I adore this park because the trees are so lush and big!


Most of the hiking/walking is on a paved path, however, there are some trails. Also, if you visit in the fall when the colors change – it’s amazing!

Naturally, after the park we went to get some drinks! -Yay! We stopped in the town of Grayling, which until recently only really had one restaurant/bar. Which, don’t get me wrong, I love because it gives it character. However, now they have a couple little breweries that are really cute! The one we stopped at was Paddle Hard Brewery.


The atmosphere is very local with a rustic vibe, which I love. The picture above is the flight I ordered. Not expensive either! -I literally ordered all the ciders & stouts I could. There is also a food menu, which is mostly flatbreads, tacos, etc. BUT perfect for snacking on while you get your drink on! Make sure you try their local beers as well while you’re there!

Thanks for reminiscing with me! More adventures are to come, and hopefully warmer weather sooner than later!




Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I feel like November is just flying by, don’t you? Christmas will be here before we know it, but don’t worry if you haven’t started shopping, I plan on posting some more holiday gift guides soon!

Anyway….. a couple weeks ago I went to Denver for the first time and it was amazing! So I thought I would share some photos with you and some things we did while we were there. It was a short trip, only four days, but still fun.

Right when we landed we got our rental car and headed to the Red Rock Amphitheater. I have to be honest with you, once we got there I felt so sick. Elevation is a real thing. BUT I did my best to be a trooper and hang out. ( I did end up going back to the hotel to sleep)

After walking around and hanging out at the Red Rocks, we stopped at Roof Top Tavern. It was literally right around the corner in a little town with other bars and shops.

Roof Top Tavern

The second day we got up early and drove to The Rocky Mountains National Park. It was about an hour drive from our hotel, but the view while driving makes up for it.

The park is beautiful. Some parts had snow while others didn’t.

Ryan wanted to see wild life the whole time we were there, while I was terrified to see anything. Lol, I didn’t want to meet anything big and wild. However, we did see some deer at the park, which I was ok with.

While we were at the park we decided to do a little hike along Bear Lake Trail. It was beautiful! It was covered in snow, and you hike the loop around a lake.

& here folks is where it happened! I GOT ENGAGED! That’s right after five years of dating he finally popped the question! The photo below we took right after he got down on his knee. ( Awwww!)

A women walking the trail with her son stopped & took our picture because she said she saw us & we “looked too cute”. ( the snow was falling which makes the photo look grainy)

& thats pretty much all folks! It was a great time and I would definitely recommend visiting if you haven’t already. I’m sure I’ll be posting more photos on Instagram ( so go follow @ifyouseektara ) Thanks for hanging out and reliving our trip with me!

I can’t wait to start writing about wedding stuff….. haha too soon?! I do plan on going back so if you live there or have visited before I’d love to hear your recommendations.