Galentine Blogger Brunch

Hey everyone!! I know it’s been a minute but I’m back and I wanted to share with you an event I went to recently in Detroit. As we all know Valentine’s Day was a couple days ago, which if fun to celebrate with your significant other BUT what about your girls?

Now, I’ll be honest this was my first blogger event and my first Galentine celebration, but I loved it! Sometimes in this business you can feel really alone. Even though you connect to people online, you’re really by yourself 99% of the time talking to a screen. So I knew I needed to go and meet all these women that I see everyday on Instagram. I was nervous & out of my comfort zone, HOWEVER, if you never push yourself to do things you normally wouldn’t, you will never grow and make amazing connections.! Not only for your business, but in real friendships.

In the blogger world most are super supportive of one another & want to see you succeed. Don’t get me wrong there will be some who are only for themselves, but I promise you they won’t last long or have as much fun. If you are a blogger I highly recommend getting out there and meeting other women with the same goals and drive as you! It was inspiring and so much fun!

Tiffany (@tiffany_tocco) was our host of the event, she did such an amazing job! No detail was left out, from the decor to the desserts. Also at the event were local vendors who donated cute jewelry, photography, and discounted services. I took some photos, but the photographer at our event was so good I had to share some shots she took! You can find her on Instagram at @jakyjaninephoto. You know I am always short and sweet. I hope you enjoy the photos and I hope this helped inspire you to do something you’ve been wanting, but were nervous about. YOU GOT IT!