AHS: Episode 4 – Turning into Murder House?

Hey everyone & welcome back!! It’s Sunday again and I can’t wait to dive into AHS episode 4!! We learned A LOT ( some we already had suspicions of) but it did leave us with a few more questions.

First up – I knew this Night Stalker was Montana’s crazy lover!! We also learned Montana’s brother is the one who spent the night at Brooke’s the night before her wedding! – Connected the dots! However, there is something odd going on here with the Night Stalker. He went up against Mr. Jingles and lost, but then we see him coming back to life! Did Satan resurrect him? Will this season turn into another murder house where everyone dies but not?!

Speaking of people dying and becoming ghost – Where is Jonas? The last time we saw him was with Margaret ( who by the way is the REAL KILLER in 1970!!) and then nothing. I’m curious as to when or what moment he will pop up again.

– Next, lets talk about fake Rita! She is probably the craziest person at the camp. I can see why Margaret snapped, getting picked on & made fun of – all good reasons. But fake Rita…. is she even a student/phycologist?! I’m starting to think she is just obsessed with serial killers. Wait until she figures out it was Margaret all along!

Last but certainly not least, Mr. Jingles. I felt so bad watching him learn that he wasn’t a crazy person! The poor dude. He was made to believe he killed all those kids, to the point where he ACTUALLY murdered people!! I hope he doesn’t get too soft on us. I have a feeling he will play a huge part in saving the current kids and I don’t want to see him not act because of past guilt.

-I’m thinking this weeks episode is going to be even crazier so get your popcorn ready!

As always shoot me a comment if you have any theories yourself and want to chat!



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