AHS 1984: Why Kill Brooke?

Hey everyone! It’s Sunday so you know what that means….. AHS review!! I actually look forward to posting about the show every Sunday. It allows me to organize all my thoughts and feelings – LOL.

Now, if you read my post last week I covered A LOT of stuff ( if you follow along, I don’t have to go into detail every week) so today I just want to talk about the following: Is everyone a killer, does Montana know Brooke from the past, and what’s up with nurse Rita?!

I know they say everyone has a past, but it seems as though all of our so called “camp counselors” have baggage! We already know about Xavier’s and last week we learned that Ray is just a bad person. -LOL. I’m sorry, but anyone that thinks driving your unconscious friend over a cliff is the right thing to do so you don’t get in trouble, is an awful person. It’s ultimately why he decided to come to the camp ( to run away) so the police wouldn’t find him.

Ray also leaves his friend Chet (who by the way saved him from the Night stalker) in the trench full of spikes! -Ray didn’t last long though, and somehow I’m not mad about it.

I knew Rita was suspicious last week when her encounter with Mr. Jingles left her with a scratch. BUT OH MY!! Rita is very cleaver. She is the one responsible for Mr. Jingles escaping and managed to fool almost everyone around her. There must be something deeper though. It’s one thing to study psychology, it’s another to release a murder just to see why he kills and encourage him to!

The biggest question I have is why does everyone want to kill Brooke? After watching I now think this “Night Stalker” we keep seeing is not the real one who’s running around LA. I’m thinking he was either hired by Montana ( or her lover) to act as the Night Stalker so they could get Brooke to come to the camp with them. But why? Does Montana know Brooke from her past? Is she somehow connected to Brooke’s dead fiancé?!

I don’t think Brooke is as innocent as we are lead to believe but I need more back story! I’m also curious as to why Margaret has been in her cabin alone this whole time, and has yet to encounter Mr. Jingles?! It’s going to be a long three days!



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