AHS 1984 – What did we just witness?!

Let me just start off by saying this episode was packed with twists & turns! I loved it! First, we were shown Brooke’s white wedding nightmare. In the first episode when she’s at her apartment ( before the night stalker shows up) we see her glance at a ring in her jewelry box. Now, my first impression was that either she was left at the alter or lost her fiancé tragically, BUT I did not expect a murder suicide!!

However, Brooke’s controlling, obviously crazy ex fiancé tells me she didn’t have a back bone, or voice. Has that changed? I’m not sure yet. It does seem that way, but it will be interesting to see how her character develops with Mr. Jingles and the night stalker wondering around camp. Also, why did she think that was a good time to tell Montana about her past?

Now, lets move on to Margaret. We all know I think she’s the killer or “A” killer ( Might be more than one, not sure) but this lady was really odd this episode! She’s aware that Mr. Jingles has escaped & yet she shuts the power off to the camp?! Don’t get me started on her casual conversation with the Night Stalker. Plus: I’m pretty sure our mystery kid on the roadside said something this episode that you may have missed! Keep reading!

Remember last week when I suspected the kid they accidentally hit on the road might have been a kid that went to the camp, and then potentially may have encountered Margaret and tried leaving? …. Well I was kinda right! -LOL. We learn his name is Jonas, and is totally a ghost! I have to admit, I was a little confused when I saw him jump out in-front of the night stalker, but he said some telling things. First, he said they weren’t supposed to be there, & then he said ” I don’t die here.” WHAT?! Has he just been reliving the same moment for years now? The most telling for me, however, was when he met Margaret & said he saw HER back in 1970 during the massacres! (Did she kill everyone because they were sinners?!) The plot thickens.

The most interesting back story to me that we learned was with Xavier. In the first episode he receives a call that he was obviously upset about. Since we didn’t know anything about him really, as to who was calling him was a mystery. But boy did we learn! Xavier, who is trying to be a real actor has a past in porn, gay porn to be exact & a creepy man we learn is Blake wants him back in his films. ( Plot Twist: Xavier states he’s not gay)

In order to get Blake off his back, Xavier takes him to the camp showers to see a potential “replacement” for him, and less than minutes later SOMEONE kills Blake! Why is this interesting you ask? Well, up until now we’ve witnessed every murder & the killer. This is the only death so far that hasn’t showed us who the killer is. Why?Why tell us about Xavier’s past if you’ve already killed off the only person who knew about it?

Last, but certainly not least let’s talk about our camp nurse. Nurse Rita encountered Mr. Jingles and LIVED! This is highly suspicious to me. Everyone he has come in contact with so far has died, yet Rita escapes almost unscathed? I don’t know about you but I have questions – LOL. Guess we’ll just have to wait until Wednesday!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and maybe it got you thinking too! I’d love to hear your ideas as well, comment below!



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