Be Our Guest. Thanksgiving Style.

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great week! If you didn’t, you can relax now because it’s the weekend!

I know yesterday I recapped my Halloween costume, and mentioned how the holidays are fast approaching…. well it got me thinking. Thanksgiving is only 12 DAYS AWAY! Isn’t that crazy? It’s early this year, and now I have to start organizing my Thanksgiving day menu earlier than I thought ( we host family every year).

But, what if you are a guest to Thanksgiving dinner? What do you bring, if anything? Now, I know with us, mom always makes and brings the stuffing, because she makes REALLY good homemade stuffing. However, sometimes you find yourself going to a friends house or your partners family & it can be hard to decide on what to make/buy. Plus, we all want to impress people! So, the next thing you know you’re trying to make something extravagant while crying & …. well it’s probably not that good in the end.

Because of this I decided to share with you my top three appetizers and desserts that I have made before and were hits at Thanksgiving gatherings. Not only are they super easy, to help relieve the stress for you I linked everything below! You can also find them on my Pinterest page under “When I learn to cook”.

( Side note, I don’t really cook often. I just don’t like it to be honest so this is a rare post & I promise these are all easy to make!)

Let’s start with the appetizers!

Now for the desserts!

I hope this helps you decide! If you have a favorite recipe I’d love to hear!



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