Never Gonna Give You Up…

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and are enjoying this rainy, cold day (if you’re here in Michigan).

So, I know I hinted a little bit ago that I was trying new things/ changing up some stuff, and let me just say… change is hard! Lol. So I figured today I would start with telling you all about my “I’m not going to drink coffee anymore” idea.

Let me start by saying I decided to do this cold turkey. I was at work one day and while I was drinking my coffee I noticed it didn’t taste as good. I wasn’t enjoying it like I use to and I started to wonder if I just did it out of habit at this point? So, I took a little poll on instagram to see if I would be crazy (or smart) if I gave coffee up.

To my surprise 60/40% were for giving it up! Caffeine is a hard habit to break and let’s be honest, it’s not good for you. BUT, I want to be clear, I was trying to break my COFFEE addiction not necessarily the CAFFEINE part. I say that because I started drinking tea, which can have caffeine in it, but is generally a healthier alternative. (I’m sure some could debate this but that’s another story.)

So, I told myself I would go two weeks with no coffee, and I started to write down how I was feeling each day, and the results….

September 15th, Day 1: “Feeling good and motivate!

September 17th, Day 3: (& a Monday morning) “I feel tired today & off.”

September 19th, Day 5: “Woke up dizzy, got sick at work, went home & slept.” (Side note: I’m still not sure if this was due to my body not liking the fact I wasn’t giving it as much caffeine as it was use to or if my co-worker got me sick?)

It just so happened my girlfriend checked up on me this day as well. Thanks Hannah!

September 21st, Day 7: “I made it a week!”

That’s right, I made it a week & then I went up north for the weekend…..

Woke up that Saturday morning & it was the first day of Fall, I had a sweater on & was surrounded by trees…. I think we can all agree I HAD to drink my coffee while sitting outside.

I know I didn’t make it to my goal of two weeks, however I wanted to share my week of success incase you or someone you know is potentially struggling with their own goals. Don’t get discouraged by set backs or slip ups. They are bound to happen and when they do focus on the little victories that you do have. I could have been hard on myself, but instead I look at it like this; I went from drinking coffee everyday to going a week without it. Plus, now I know it’s something that I CAN live without. That’s a win in my book.

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment, and if you are doing something similar I’d love to hear about it! (Also, if you read the title of this post and sang “Never gonna let you down” in your head we can be BFF’S πŸ™‚ )



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