Back To The Start

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone is just as ready for the weekend as I am! (We can get through this Thursday!)

Today, I wanted to take a moment and talk about relationships. Since I have been reflecting on my own lately (Our 5-year anniversary is today!) I figured there may be some people out there that could benefit from a chat as well. So let’s jump in….

I really don’t know where to start and believe me I am no expert, but recently as I was strolling down memory lane looking at old photos (mostly going…where is that shirt? & why am I not that skinny anymore?) & it occurred to me that even on our worst days, weeks, or years, my feelings haven’t changed. My mindset, goals, and visions are the same.

Now, some of you may be thinking, good for you, but let me explain. Most couples will tell you, when you are in a relationship there can be a lot of outside influences and opinions that come flying at you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve asked for them or not. Especially in todays world with social media, it can be hard to focus on just the two of you. You see your girlfriends on Facebook posting on how their boyfriend/spouse bought them flowers, dinner or a new car (I’ve saw it) and you glare over at your partner from the couch like “Where’s my car?!”

The biggest one for me recently is MARRIAGE. That’s right my friends, everyone around me is getting married and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want the same. I mean, I’ve put in five years already! But then, I’ll sometimes ask myself… is that what you really want? And my brain can’t deal.

img_0051Now, if I let every blog, magazine article, or family member influence me 100% (& I won’t lie sometimes you can’t help it) I would be VERY single.

I guess my point in all of this is, both of you are going to grow, you’ll grow together and individually. People are going to keep posting about their lives on social media, and you are still going to take those surveys on Facebook to see if your compatible with your boyfriend/girlfriend’s zodiac sign. However, there are only two people in the whole wide world that know the story of you two (plus the cliff notes). Will you stop asking for advice, no. And I wouldn’t recommend it, but stop comparing.


Even if you’re single (& still reading… hey you!) the same thing goes. Don’t compare where you are to others. You never know who may be looking at you from the outside wanting what you have. Everyone needs to take time to focus on themselves/ each other. Don’t let those small intimate details get lost in the shuffle. You may need to unplug from social media, drink a glass of wine, or if you’re like me,  pop in your head phones and scroll through old photos to remember those initial feelings that made you fall in love in the first place. Let it remind you that your relationship is yours alone and not everyone moves at the same speed.


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