Basic Babe

Hey Y’all! You know what is right around the corner?! FALL! I would be lying if I said I was not excited. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer BBQ’s, Fireworks, and longer days , but there is just something about fall here in Michigan that I have always adored.

My perfect fall day would consist of a cool breeze, leaves on the ground and a light rain (of course with coffee in hand). This perfect day would end with pizza and a scary movie. Ahh, I can see it now. Any who, as I was day dreaming about the season I remembered what may be my ultimate favorite part of it all….. the fashion! That’s right, the basic, yet perfect fashion that makes everyone look great. So in honor of this I came up with my five fall accessories that everyone should have and that I can’t live without. Let’s get started!

The Jacket.

I live for jackets! I always have and probably always will. Brown or black little leather jackets are essentials for cute fall fashion. Not only will they keep you sort of warm, I tend to find jackets are good at slimming you down. Of course, any jacket you buy MUST have pockets! I mean, no explanation needed.

The Scarf.

Now, scarfs are cute and all but if we’re being honest, we’re only wearing it because the jacket we have on isn’t thick enough & we are secretly freezing. Ha! Am I right? (If you live in Michigan you know what I’m talking about) But on a serious note, scarfs enhance our very basic look.

The Boots.

Ahh yes, the boots. Now if you’re like me and shorter than short, boots are your best friend. Get the bootie style with a little wedge and you are golden! Again, we need to be honest…. the real reason we need boots is because of the leggings we are wearing (insert honorable mention: Leggings).


The Earrings.

Now, some of you may be going, earrings? That’s odd. Is it though? Most of the time I know I wear little makeup, sometimes even none. On top of that, I wear my hair in the craziest bun directly on top of my head. Earrings help keep direct eye contact off your face. They just make you look better.

The Flannel.

Last but certainly not least, the flannel shirt. If you want to scream basic thirty-something year old fall fashionista, go get yourself one girl! I won’t lie to you, I own more than I would like to admit. ( of course I have a favorite, which my boyfriend calls my “go to shirt”. However, do you know how cute and festive I look in it?! Looking like a fall snack honey!



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