Girl Talk

Picture it, you and a couple of your girlfriends are out on the town. Music, food, drinks, and more drinks. This night is needed for all. Between jobs, husbands/boyfriends, or kids, us ladies need time to unwind. I usually find that during this time stories start flying, personal problems or someone seeking advice speaks out. Sound familiar? It does to me because I’m usually the one to get that ball rolling (Why are you like this?). Anyway, recently some of my girlfriends and I went out and this exact scenario took place. However, it got me thinking. It made me wonder if this so called “girl talk” is left between just the girls or possibly regurgitated back to others? And if it is, is that ok? I mean we shared it, right?
Now, you may be wondering why I would think this, but let’s be honest it has happened to us all before. We or someone we know expresses themselves and BAM! Everyone hears about it. Now, you are either reading this going I know exactly what you mean, or you can’t keep anything to yourself, so you want to read what I say about you (Don’t worry I won’t say anything too crazy about you. 😊). I’m also not going to sit here and act like I have never ran home to tell my sister or my partner something. However, I know some topics are off limits (and if we’re being totally honest, your boyfriend doesn’t care or share the same emotional reaction you are hoping to get out of him). On the other hand, can I or we be mad if the information we gave up gets passed onto others? I think we can.

Let’s be real, every now and then us girls (and guys) need to hear these three things:

1. We are not alone
2. We are not crazy
3. There is a possible solution to our problem

We don’t want the whole worlds opinion! The individuals we share this information with either have our up most respect or trust, that we WANT their advice. We feel so comfortable with them and know they either can relate or won’t judge us for possibly feeling a way that may be unpopular. We came to them for a reason, even if it was subconsciously. In return they should appreciate the fact we hold their opinion higher than others and keep it to themselves.
I also think maturity plays a big part in how you act and react to these types of situations. Women especially. Young women have this sense of everything is a competition and if they get any juicy information its used solely to gain an upper hand or to feel better about their own lives/ relationships/ etc.

Now, this post may have seemed like a rant, and perhaps some of it was BUT, I would hope I’m not the only one who can relate. Just keep this in mind the next time you are out with your friends. If someone get’s a little too tipsy and starts vomiting their struggles, don’t be a judgmental Bitch. ( & SHHH!)



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