Life Has A lot Of Lemons To Give

Recently, I walked into work, sat down at my desk and stared hard at the computer screen. I contemplated turning around and leaving for what felt like a very long time. Instead I emailed my sister. Everything came pouring out in this email. I explained that I couldn’t style my hair anymore, my makeup never looked right, my body was expanding in all directions, and I was just exhausted all the time! Thinking for sure that my 8:50 a.m. “Feel sorry for me” fest would be received with little enthusiasm, I was pleasantly surprised.

Instead, my wonderful sister replied with some motivating words of wisdom. One line in particular stood out to me the most, “It happens to all of us”. It does? Here I am in my world of darkness and lack of motivation thinking I was all alone. That if I said anything about the topic I would just come off as lazy or winey.
It got me thinking. Everyone always assumes it will NEVER happen to them or that it ONLY happens to them, but that’s not the case. I have friends who to me always look perfect. They have the latest fashion, good jobs, and hair on point! While I’m over here struggling to wake up with enough time to brush my teeth and make it to work on time. Now, I am not oblivious that everyone has their own insecurities or times where they feel just off, but how are they so much better at hiding it or overcoming it all together? With a little help from my wine bottle and good music, I thought about what I could do to get myself back to feeling On Point and I came up with these three main things.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

  • Join a Class/ Hobby:

I may sound like a broken record because I am sure we have all heard this before, but IT’S TRUE! Having something to look forward to every other day or week, etc. is super beneficial. It could be a workout class, or in my case it was drum lessons (Yes, I wanted to learn the drums) having something to get you out of the house helps get your creative juices flowing and allows for positive thinking. Always try to stimulate your mind.

  • Change your diet:

Now, I am not saying you should overhaul everything you put in your mouth, BUT gradually adding new, healthier foods can give you more energy. I know when I drink more water and eat better meals I start to feel good about my choices (let’s be honest, it does help on the scale as well!) and that feeling is what  keeps me going!

  • Friends & Partners:

This to me is the biggest one. Being around positive friends & family. If you surround yourself with people who talk bad about themselves or others, it can potentially make things worse. Everyone needs to vent occasionally, however, you don’t want negative energy every time you hang out. Significant others also play an important role. From my own experience I know that if my partner is not trying to understand or not realizing that I may need a little extra positive reinforcement, I feel even worse. It feels like you are drifting farther apart, when you should be getting closer. Keep in mind this goes for both men and women. (Compliments go a long way!)
Some of you may be going, “Yea, Tara that’s great and all… but.” Easier said then done, right? I understand this mentality because I have been down that road, but you will never get out of your funk by doing nothing different. Find what makes you happy, sit down with your favorite wine or record and create your own list. Even if you’re not down in the dumps, creating time for yourself is important. Maybe all you need is the wine! Or maybe all you need to do is send an email early in the morning to hear you are not alone.








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